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Five Reasons Why “I’m Not Surprised” Doesn’t Really Help


  1. The shameless are immune to your cynicism. The only people bothered by it are on your side.
  2. Also: this tape loop has gotten scratchy from too much use. We’re not really believing you anymore. Which just makes us sad.
  3. And: in the creepy way that your response ends up making it about you, well…
  4. And, the shopworn reasons why you “saw this coming”—the same ones you trotted out last time something like this happened: they only contribute to our nausea.
  5. And your low-expectations of the human race just might be part of the problem in the first place.

Cynicism breeds apathy. The people who create the laws who sanction such things depend on fear and mistrust.

Be shocked. Be furious. Engage.


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