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Adventures in Diversity #2


Again in the news this week another of these stories where slime of various kinds oozed from beneath their rocks, this time to spout their venom in the direction a little boy singing the “The Star Spangled Banner” at a basketball game. Followed, again, by the shock and horror: How could this be happening? In America! What’s wrong with people?

My question: What other set of rocks have the shocked and horrified been living under?

Adventures in Diversity #1



A couple of decades back, I angled a widely coveted job teaching summer school in St. Paul.  They sent me to a large magnet school in the middle of town and assigned me to be the “language arts” specialist on the primary team.  I dutifully set up my classroom, decorating my bulletin boards with catchy phrases and laying in my supplies of writing paper and crayons.


Certain groups stick with you, sometimes for no reason you can quite put a finger on.  The best class of I ever had: a group of sixth graders, back in St. Paul, back in the mid 80s.  No stars that I remember, no particularly bad apples either.  It was one of those groups which just… gelled.  We laughed every day and everyone was in on the joke.  Even the bad days with that group were pretty good days.  One of the best years in my career.


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