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Reader, Beware!

Reader, Beware!

Surely I am not the only person who rolls his eyes when Ira Glass gently cautions his listeners that the story they are about to hear acknowledges the existence of sex.  Don’t get me wrong: I have been addicted to This American Life since it first started airing on Minnesota Public Radio.  No other broadcast program so regularly rewards my craving for engaging narrative.  Still, I find something…disingenuous and coy about Ira’s warning to the easily offended.  And I doubt anyone at his production company is the least bit surprised by that response.  When he reads this disclaimer, Ira’s tongue is stuck so far in his cheek that it looks like he’s hoarding nuts for the winter.  Neither he nor his staff finds the content of these stories the least bit controversial.  Alas, in the public sphere, one plays along nicely in order to keep the puritans at bay.


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