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The Return of Miss Kezee

The Return of Miss Kezee

Early in my career I wrote the short story that I titled, “Taking Miss Kezee to the Poll.”  I submitted it to City Pages in Minneapolis, where it won their first annual fiction contest.  Miss Kezee and company have had an interesting life over the past thirty years.  She keeps turning up where you least expect her.

What, You Mean This Novel Isn’t Perfect the Way it Is?


It’s fate: getting the editorial letter from New Rivers in this same week that I am preparing for the spring semester at SMU.  This is the letter that contains the recommended substantive changes from the editorial team at New Rivers, the things that they would like to see revised before the book heads into the printing process.  Fated, in the way that it reminds me of what it’s like to for my students when they get my letters to them about their draft fiction.


This radiant  presence is Dr. Njoki McElroy. For over a half a century she has been a force in the Dallas cultural scene. A pioneer in the use of drama and performance to build community, Njoki has devoted her life to sharing with the world the glories of African American literature and culture.


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