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Back, On Retreat

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Keep the comma, lose the comma, move the comma: It works every way.

Swallowed by a tsunami of people and paper, sometime mid-March, something had to give, and that something, sadly, was this blog.  Sadly, I say, because I quite enjoy the daily discipline of writing, often enough the only attention my own process gets from one week to the next.  I retreated to my hole and dug in for the duration.

But I have emerged, dug myself out, and the good news: I’ve got a backlog of wonderful stories to tell.  Coming soon to a blog near you:

  • The Best Class Ever
  • How Not to Get Shot by the Secret Service
  • Kimbilio
  • Don’t Use the Pineapple Flavor Packet
  • The Quimper Peninsula Exposed

And Much, Much More

So, yes, I’m back, back on, and back on retreat.  Stay tuned.


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