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Warren Wilson College

Photo of a random college campus (Photo credit: blueathena7)

Gentle Readers:

It has been brought to our attention that certain readers have been troubled by some of our recent posts–some going so far as to refer to our recent series on advice for future dorm dwellers to be…intemperate.  Despite the fact that name-calling is the province of bullies and thugs and intemperate the sort of word employed by eggheads, posers and scallywags, Face of the Sky did not become known as “the blog that cares” by ignoring the concerns of its readers.  Our staff has been spending its sleepless nights (SO much hallway noise) weighing your concerns.  We feel badly; (three jokes minimum buried in that grammatical error).  With the tenacity of a 4th year soror who hasn’t quite reeled in that engagement ring, we’ve rooted out the source of our recent troublesome tone.  


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