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Wild Fennel

Wild Fennel

So yesterday, as they were delivering a (not really) brand new couch (from the Habitat resale shop in Port Townsend)) to my studio, the delivery crew and I had a low-key debate about the monster plant growing in front of the cabin. We had two votes for dill, one for wild asparagus, another for random weeds.

Okay, I’ll confess: Wild asparagus was my guess. I actually have no idea what vegetables look like when they’re not in the produce aisle, and for most of those it’s a good thing they wear signs. Furthermore, I have been waiting for years for someone—anyone—to answer this question: Do Brussel Sprouts exist in the wild?

So I’m lounging on my “new” couch last night and reading away the long Pacific Northwest evening and I find myself choking on the scent of musky licorice and—Eureka!—I have an answer. Not to the sprouts thing; to the weeds outside the door.

Wild Fennel. A big giant overgrown bush of it. The picture above is archival. We trampled the bush down pretty bad yesterday as we dragged the couch through it—but no worries. It’ll spring back to life faster than you can say California Cuisine.


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