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Wait: What about the rest of them?  Yes, I taught a few other students this spring , in addition to the ones I’ve been bragging about on the blog.  A whole other class full of them, spread across three sections.  I didn’t forget, really.  (Well, maybe a little.)

With my colleagues Cara and Greg I team-taught an Introduction to Creative Writing class, where over the spring I worked with all three cohorts on the fiction section of the course.  I quite enjoyed working with these three groups, and since we always have one eye to the future, it was good to see some promising writers beginning their rise through the ranks.

That said, it made the spring a challenge that sometimes all three sections seemed, frankly, underwhelmed about the whole creative writing thing; yet, their final evaluations reported genuine pleasure and enthusiasm about the course.  Maybe they just seemed pale in comparison to the 3390 section.  (Any group would: With apologies to every one of these three cohorts, it was the speculative fiction group best class ever.)

Nah! it’s about familiarity, and I’m reminded that the intermediate and advanced level classes are always more enjoyable to teach.  You’ve spent at least one semester with them by that point, and they know the drill.  They know how I work and they’re familiar with each other’s ways as well.  You hit the ground running, early in the term.  All the private jokes and secret codes are in place when you walk in the door.

It’s all about the looping—that’s what they call it in K-6 when you move from teaching 5th to teaching 6th with the same group of students in tow.  I did that a couple of times in my K-12 career—and I loved it every time.  Here’s hoping a good cross-section of this spring’s intro groups stick around.  The fun’s just beginning.

Today’s photo: The Rhododendron forest at the entrance to Fort Worden State Park


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