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Let’s Get This Done

Let’s Get This Done

Visiting Facebook these days is like trying to walk around downtown: Everybody’s got their hands out. Like you, I tend to avert my eyes from the beggars (and the posts) and scan the block ahead for something less guilt-inducing to focus on.

Here’s the thing: Some people really need the money, and not just for a beer. But how do you know that unless somebody tells you? That’s why I’m here.

The high quality and constantly underfunded New Rivers Press, publisher of A STAR IN THE FACE OF THE SKY, has launched an Indiegogo campaign in support of the publication of its 45th anniversary anthology. This is going to be a terrific book, and not only because it has an essay by ME in it.

Ironically enough, the essay concerns this very subject–the ongoing and constant struggle to keep our arts institutions afloat. You want to read it? The ONLY way that will happen is if you step up and send in a few dollars to get this thing on the press.

Click on the image below to go to the Indiegogo site and to make your donation today.  There’s some great swag available and it’s for a great cause.

Tell them “Dave” sent you.  Seriously.  Do.  They may send me a free bookmark.


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