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Don’t Mess with FOTS

Internet troll

Internet troll (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Why are people so threatened by giving?  It saddens me to report that we here at faceofthesky have been targeted by a vicious internet troll.  A woman, who for legal reasons we shall refer to only as “Katherine Burns,” has attacked our blog in social media. I would hope that you have the good sense to avoid such sites and have therefore been lucky enough to be spared her vulgar and bitter rants, and I refuse to poison your day by repeating her smut-filled diatribes in this, a family publication.   Neither will I stoop to her level by returning fire, listing, for example, the top ten reasons why “Katherine Burns” will never be elected to public office nor describing exactly what she stores in the glove compartment of her car.  (Yes, “Katherine Burns.”  We know.)

Living and Learning Together: Module One: How Doors Work

Door comparison

As one with multiple attendance certificates from diversity workshops, it chagrins me to report the negative feedback I have received from members of the wolf and cave-dwelling communities over my recent blog post.  My thoughtless remarks may have left the impression that I believe all wolves and cave dwellers are thoughtless d-bags, inclined to stomp up and down dorm hallways, loudly slamming doors in their wake at all hours of the day AND NIGHT.  Nothing could be further from truth.  There are no doubt many courteous canines and Neanderthals, and I hope they will accept my heartfelt apologies.  Understand that I know that you are one of the good ones.  (Not like those others.) 

Advice to a Young Scholar

DSCN0497Many young friends (or at least one) will be off to college in the fall, and here, on this day that we celebrate independence, I thought I’d send some advice to those about to enjoy dorm living at its finest.  Before I begin, however, I feel it important to make clear that my useful and necessary guidance has NOTHING WHATSOEVER to do with anything related to my own current living situations.

In order to get the most out of your college experience, I recommend adhering to the following guidelines:

  1. Get to know your professors.  We are a mostly pleasant lot and enjoy working with young people on a daily basis. 

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