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I Really Like to Teach the Novel Workshop


Novels (Photo credit: sbluerock)

It’s the time of year when I have to finalize planning for my January class for the Warren Wilson MFA Program For Writers.  I’m a novelist and love to talk about novels and teach them, but it’s a challenge to find useful things to do with an hour-and-a-half shot.  Sometime in February I’ll report on the class.

In the meantime, here’s the report on my AWP presentation last March in Chicago:

David Haynes: “My goal is to produce novelists, not novels.” | Cathy Day.

Pop Literary with a Goth Urban Edge

Yesterday, Cathy Day, my colleague (way, way) over at Ball State posted on Facebook about a lively and engaging discussion she had with her novel class concerning the identity labels we slap on books.  She asked her students:

“Do you think of the book you’re writing as literary or commercial?” Only 3 out of 15 students said literary, but just as we started getting in a really good discussion about THAT, I realized that class had been over for five minutes and nobody’d noticed.


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