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At AWP, A Private Place Just for YOU!



New definition of insanity: thousands of writers in or on their way to or from a giant convention of writers, all connected to each other on social media, all online, all connected to thousands of other writers who aren’t at the conference, instantly reporting on what is or isn’t going at the big conference, instantly commenting on each other’s reports.  I think I just passed myself in the hallway, but I couldn’t tell because I was writing this.

If you can’t beat ‘em….

Wednesday’s midafternoon report:

  1. It is not snowing (yet) in Back Bay
  2. I have already had my week’s quota of food.  (And the other board members ate all the Doritos and so now I have to eat Cheetos for snack)
  3. Suzanne, the postcards of the cover of A STAR IN THE FACE OF THE SKY are on the New River’s table
  4. The convention center still has a phone bank.  (See above.)  Memo to all convention attendees: place your obnoxious cell phone calls here.

3:55 Update: It is snowing BUCKETS in Back Bay.


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