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The Incident: Kids Say the Darndest Things

Art Linkletter 1912~2010

Art Linkletter 1912~2010 (Photo credit: D’oh Boy (Mark Holloway))


Let us concede, then, our shared contempt for haters, those trolls we all know who for whatever reason get off on derision and ridicule.  I must also concede, however, the honorable intentions of many who do write about their students publicly, including sharing their frailties and foibles.


If you’re old enough to recognize the photo above, than you’ll also know that as a regular feature of his long-running daytime TV show, Art Linkletter had a segment with the same title as this post.  He’d park four of five cuties on stools and ask them questions.  We, the loyal audience, giggled at their malapropisms, their lack of filters, their naïve misconceptions about almost everything.  The producers liked to bring in first graders, because mispronouncing Massachusetts is even funnier if you don’t have front teeth.  Cuties on stools was also a regular feature on Candid Camera, and Bill Cosby included them as part of his (non scripted) TV shows back in the day.  Today, Jay Leno and Ellen keep the tradition alive.


Obviously, there’s a differences between a casual interview for entertainment purposes—where all parties have agreed to the transaction (the validity of six-year-old “consent” notwithstanding)—and teacher-selected, Facebook-posted syntax fails.  But I would argue that some teachers who post those gnarly sentences share similar intentions with the programmers.  Kids can are cute and funny, sometimes unintentionally so.  Laughter is a good thing.


Or, others might argue: like everyone on TV, some people just like to draw attention. 

To themselves.



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