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Will You Love Me On Goodreads?

Will You Love Me On Goodreads?

I ate a bad meal—or, part of one, at least.  It took several decades, but I finally figured out that there’s no upside to finishing something that tastes bad, so I threw most of the crap away.  The closest these ribs had been to a pit was the distance from the oven door to the smoker out back—a clearly cold and unused custom job with nary a log in sight.  (A mighty big investment for a prop piece, I’m thinking.)  The slight char on the outside was more likely from being parked too long on the steam table.  The meat was greasy and not of particularly good quality, and it had been badly chopped such that little flecks of bone might be found in just about any bite.  A genuinely disappointing meal.

It’s All About Me

It’s All About Me

Here are the first two sentences of the novel:

“That Janet Williams hadn’t liked children all that much she blamed on the boy’s mother. Children annoyed her, frankly—all that incessant energy, the enthusiasm for obnoxious music and inedible food, their general and relentless neediness.”

You Asked For It, You Got It: The Recipe


I‘ve had to move to another state to keep from being fed such things: I’d weigh 400 pounds if I lived in St. Louis.

Jan notes that she probably actually used TWO CUPS of FRESH blueberries.  The recipe also fails to include the necessity of an important utensil: the “even-ing out” knife–which will allow you to keep the place where you removed your modest sample from looking frayed.  Since crumbs tend to tumble off the leading edge almost constantly, plan on spending a good part of the day making sure your cake continues to have a pleasing appearance.  

Please Send Me Some NOW

From today’s NPR foodie blog, The Salt, this celebration of one of those food items unique to my hometown and for which I have a constant craving. St. Louis seems to have more than its share of unique local products, many of which show up in my novels, including A Star in the Face of the Sky, where gooey butter cake makes yet another experience.

It’s hard to explain provel cheese. But the story below does it as well as any.



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