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I Hate My Voice, And Now You Can, Too!

I Hate My Voice, And Now You Can, Too!

Who is the person speaking on these recordings?

(WARNING! The indiscriminate consumption of untested audio may lead to tone-deafness, nausea, twerking and a range of other contraindications.  Faceofthesky is not responsible for the unfortunate and/or tragic outcomes of listeners.  Click at your own peril.)

The Amazing Disappearing Website Reappears

The Amazing Disappearing Website Reappears

I‘m learning more than I ever cared to know about the inner workings of webhosts and WordPress and the interwebs.  As it turns out, when you forward an existing domain to a new site, it takes it a full day or so for the address forwarding to make its way around the world and be updated by all the various servers that…do whatever the hell it is that they do to keep us all connected so intimately.

Under Construction


If you’ve noticed weird things on this blog lately, it’s because it is in the process of being rebuilt.  Lots of new features are being added in preparation for the October launch of A Star in the Face of the Sky.

Fingers crossed for a successful update.  And if not, I’m learning enough about the back-end of WordPress templates to perhaps allow me to make an honest living for once.

FOTS on Hiatus


Vacationing in a secret location—a hotbed of libraries and literary culture.

Back next Wednesday with:

  • A Full Report on Kimbilio
  • Praise for the World’s Best Copyeditor
  • Shameless Self Promotion of a Certain Forthcoming Tome
  • Egregious Begging for SOMEONE/ANYONE to Host a Reading for my book
  • Whines About the Upcoming Semester
  • Complaints About the General Unfairness of Everything
  • Plans for Some New Diet or the Other


Possible photo of suspect absconding with evidence.

Possible photo of suspect fleeing Chinese Buffet with evidence in hand.

Here at FOTS we are rightly proud of our award-winning team of investigative reporters.  These brave men and women work doggedly on behalf of truth and justice.  Longtime readers will remember the explosive report where we identified the green stuff sprinkled on the carrot loaf, our look into the disabilities that prevent older men from controlling their doors, and our I-team’s awarding winning series, “Pasties or Medical Waste: What’s That on my Sheet?”  

Don’t Mess with FOTS

Internet troll

Internet troll (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Why are people so threatened by giving?  It saddens me to report that we here at faceofthesky have been targeted by a vicious internet troll.  A woman, who for legal reasons we shall refer to only as “Katherine Burns,” has attacked our blog in social media. I would hope that you have the good sense to avoid such sites and have therefore been lucky enough to be spared her vulgar and bitter rants, and I refuse to poison your day by repeating her smut-filled diatribes in this, a family publication.   Neither will I stoop to her level by returning fire, listing, for example, the top ten reasons why “Katherine Burns” will never be elected to public office nor describing exactly what she stores in the glove compartment of her car.  (Yes, “Katherine Burns.”  We know.)

From Our Editors

Warren Wilson College

Photo of a random college campus (Photo credit: blueathena7)

Gentle Readers:

It has been brought to our attention that certain readers have been troubled by some of our recent posts–some going so far as to refer to our recent series on advice for future dorm dwellers to be…intemperate.  Despite the fact that name-calling is the province of bullies and thugs and intemperate the sort of word employed by eggheads, posers and scallywags, Face of the Sky did not become known as “the blog that cares” by ignoring the concerns of its readers.  Our staff has been spending its sleepless nights (SO much hallway noise) weighing your concerns.  We feel badly; (three jokes minimum buried in that grammatical error).  With the tenacity of a 4th year soror who hasn’t quite reeled in that engagement ring, we’ve rooted out the source of our recent troublesome tone.  


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