Originally Published by: New Rivers in 1993
Delta Paperback (1998) available through resellers
  • Originally Published by New Rivers Press (1993)
  • Delta Paperback Edition (1998)
  • Selected by the American Library Association in 1994 as one of the Best Books for Young Adults
  • Hard to Find, but available on-line from resellers

Marshall Field Finney is doing his time at a suburban St. Louis high school (‘all crap and lies, smug rich white kids and deadly dull teachers’) when his life gets complicated.  Marshall decides to write down what has happened and ‘run it by again’ to figure things out; the result is this book.  The goal, according to Marshall is to look good on the last page.

This charming debut is a funny and cynical coming-of-age novel about a sullen teenager who discovers telling a story as a way to control his life.