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Caption Contest?

Seriously — We need the Crawfords on this case!  Step it up, people!get-attachment.aspx

“We know our shit”

                  RJ Gibson (So much for keeping it clean!)

 “Shootin’ the Shit”

               Alain Park (Seriously, what is it with these MFA boys?)

“Plumbing the Depths So You Don’t Have To”

Lee Prusik (Traded this one in for my own entry: “You should see our snake!”)

 “If we can’t clear your pipes, no one can”

“Taylor” Lawson (A young man who knows his way around the “facilities”)

 “You know I’ve never seen you and the Ty-D-Bowl Man in the same room at the same time….”

 Amy Grimm   (Actually I’ve always wondered about this myself.)



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