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Kimbilio 2014

Kimbilio 2014

So this is the week of updates on my other projects. I’m so excited to be hosting in July the second summer retreat for Kimbilio. Find more about the project and about the application process on this webpage.

And here, from the Book Country blog, is an enchanting blogpost about the Kimbilio experience by the equally enchanting young woman, pictured above:

The Importance of Meaningful Writing Communities by Khaliah Williams

Sometime in the autumn of 2006, I decided that I wanted to be a writer. I took several writing workshops at The New School in New York City, where I worked. I often found myself scribbling down ideas that would be the foundation of my novel (still in progress) in notebooks during my hour long commute between the village and The Bronx. Getting in the way of my writing ambitions was the problem of my full time job. My writing life, I wrote in my graduate school applications, exists in stolen moments at the office and crowded subway cars. I wanted more.

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Professional academic researchers in the social sciences of many colleges and universities exploit the struggles of oppressed peoples. Oppressed peoples are left stranded with little to no resources after researchers leave their communities high and dry.

Researchers steal value from oppressed peoples by making them the subjects of theoretical research without lending them access to information that could better help their communities. Articles, books, and dissertations written about marginalized populations are written for academics, not working people, and as such have little impact on the people whose lives are the subject of this research. Liberal academics and social scientists are more concerned about developing the wealth of academic literature than addressing the immediate material concerns of the communities they research.

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Arisen from the Sickbed: Photos from the Winter 2014 Residency

I really was sick as dog for the entire residency.   And I really do only have two outfits.  Photos by the amazing Alissa Whelan.


Have You Seen Me?

Have You Seen Me?

This milk carton ad is brought to you by SMU Litfest, whose website is up and running.

Our three Undergraduate Research Assistants–Will, Mariana and Kalen–are busy postering, Facebooking, Tweeting, and otherwise getting the word out.  If you’re anywhere near Dallas during the third week of March, do yourself a favor and stop by SMU, where all of these writers (and others!) will be found. Stop by and meet Nan Cuba, Erica Dawson, Tarfia Faizullah, Jennifer Key, Jamaal May, Kyle McCord, Tim Parrish and Rob Yardumian.


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