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Monthly Archives: October 2012

FERPA Follies [Look it up]

We tend to attract the troubled ones, the students blowing out of other majors or simply not fitting in anywhere else on campus.  Or—better—the troubled ones genuinely appreciate what we do and stick around for more.  They enjoy digging into literature and finding some release in creating their own poems and stories.  More than a few of them turn out to have some affinity for it; powerful writing has been known to be rooted in suffering of various kinds.

Hard at Work in North Carolina

Continuing the theme of circling, once again spending the week working at Warren Wilson College.

©Warren Wilson College



As can be seen in this photo and as documented by the Princeton Review, Warren Wilson undergrads are the diametric opposites of SMU students in every way.  At SMU our maids milk the cows.

Having a wonderful time as the Writer in Residence.  I’m enjoying getting to know some of the undergrads. They are an inspiring lot.


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